Friday, August 15, 2014

Three in One
Body Acne and Brush Cleansing

Let's talk about skin!
Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with perfect skin. I've been fighting acne since my puberty and I still haven't won the battle. Luckily, I know a little bit more about skincare now and it has gotten a bit better.  But why, why are they only products for the face? Back acne used to be quite a problem for me during my puberty and even now I get an awkward spot occasionally. My mum got me this antiseptic soap bar way back, but I really didn't like the feel of it, because it left my skin feel way too dry.

I kind of forgot about it now that I don't have as many breakouts, but then I stumbled across the Skin Wash by Australian Bodycare*. When I went to the Pegasus PR Showcase a few weeks ago, I got this 150ml sample bottle to try out. I thought it was just your generic acne face wash - I mean the benefits of tea tree oil are not a secret - until I read the description that describes it as an all-over skin wash. That means you can use it on face AND body! The antiseptic skin wash kills the bacteria on your body that causes those annoying spots. And the fact that the previous heatwave ('cause London seems to be crying out its heart at the moment) gets everyone sweaty is definitely not the best condition if you want blemish-free skin. Since my face is quite dehydrated, I use another face wash, but this is definitely my go to body wash at the moment and I feel really clean and bacteria-free afterwards. There's hardly any new spots.

Though, the best thing about this product is the fact that you can also use it to cleanse your make-up brushes! Oh, I don't even want to know how much bacteria they collect after a while. So I've been using the DHC Oil Cleanser for my brushes for a while now, though, the product is quite expensive to use it regularly, so the Australian Bodycare Skin Wash is such a great alternative.

+ Non-drying
+ Antiseptic
+ For body and face
+ Brush cleanser
- Strong tea tree scent
- Not for dry skin type

So I definitely recommend this, especially since a large bottle is quite inexpensive and it is a multipurpose product. I mean £12.50 for 250ml? That's pretty good, isn't it? You can buy Australian Bodycare products at John Lewis (here) or on (here) and (here).

Lasst uns ueber Haut reden. Leider gehoere ich nicht zu den gluecklichen Menschen, die eine makelllose Haut haben. Ein Glueck kenne ich mich mittlerweile besser mit Hautpflege aus und es hat sich schon ziemlich gebessert. Aber warum gibt es nur Produkte fuers Gesicht? Eine Zeit lang habe ich auch sehr unter Akne auf dem Ruecken gelitten und heute kriege ich ab und zu immer noch vereinzelt Pickel. Meine Mutter hat mir damals so eine Seife gekauft, die mochte ich aber nicht, da sie die Haut irgendwie gespannt hat.

Nach einer Weile habe ich das Ganze so ziemlich vergessen, vor allem da es sehr nachgelassen hat. Doch als ich beim Pegasus PR Showcase war, habe ich eine kleine 150ml Probeflasche von Australian Bodycare Skin Wash bekommen. Dachte zunaechst, dass es wie alle anderen Produkte gegen Akne im Gesicht sein soll. Ich meine Tea Tree Oil ist ziemlich bekannt dafuer, dass es gut fuer Problemhaut sein soll. Aber dann habe ich mir die Beschreibung noch einmal genauer angeschaut und gesehen, dass es fuer den ganzen Koerper sein soll! Also fuer Gesicht UND Koerper. Das Produkt ist anti-bakteriell und bekaempft damit die boesen Bakterien, die im Gesicht und anderen Stellen fuer Akne sorgt. Benutze aber fuer das Gesicht andere Produkte, da meine Haut dort ziemlich sensibel ist. Getestet habe ich es mittlerweile 3 Wochen und habe bis jetzt viel weniger Pickel bemerkt.

Doch das beste an dem Produkt ist, dass man es auch zum Pinselreinigen benutzen kann. Will gar nicht wissen, wie viele Bakterien sich auf den Pinsel tummeln, deswegen habe ich sie immer schoen mit meinem DHC Oil Cleanser sauber gemacht. Doch der ist ziemlich teuer und verschwenden will ich das Produkt lieber nicht. Deswegen benutze ich jetzt das Skin Wash von Australian Bodycare und es funktioniert einwandfrei.

Zu kaufen gibt es das Produkt zum Beispiel auf (hier) fuer nur 12,99€ und dafuer bekommt ihr ganze 250ml!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wandering around in Wonderound

Oversized Silver Polka Dot Shirt Wonderound* | Black Jeans Zara | Pink Socks Wonderound*
White Envelope Cross Body bag Mango | Metal Plate Brogues Steve Madden* | Earrings Floralpunk
Necklaces Topshop & Anna Lou of London* | Bracelet ASOS

Remember how I was raving about Wonderound (find the post here) the other day? Well, I didn't just have a look at the shop, I also got to take home an amazing shirt! You know how I like my white tops, I mean, that's all I'm pretty much wearing at the moment, because it's just so easy to combine with all my black bottoms and they are easy to throw on. So I'm happy I got a new member to the white top family that's oversized and sports big polka dots. First thing I do when I see something I like: I touch it. And oh, it does feel nice. It's made off a strong material that feels kind of soft and silky at the same time? It's hard to describe and I've got no clue about fabrics. Though, it does get quite hot when it's above 25 degrees, because it's definitely not a light-weight material. Still, it's a brilliant shirt to throw on when you want to keep it simple without looking boring. I mean, just throw it over your favourite pair of skinny jeans and you are good to go. Even when I go to fashion events, I prefer to keep it quite casual, dress my outfits down. So this was the perfect choice for the cocktail class at Ping Pong, since it's great for a casual evening due to its simple cut, yet evening appropriate thanks to the material and the shininess of the polka dots. Definitely need to go back to Wonderound, there's a pair of shorts I've got my eye on...

Erinnert ihr euch noch, wie ich ueber Wonderound abgegangen bin? Tja, ich habe mir nicht nur den Shop angeschaut, sondern durfte auch dieses tolle Oberteil mitnehmen. Es ist sicher kein Geheimnis, dass ich auf weisse Oberteile stehe, ich meine, sind einfach perfekt mit meinen schwarzen Unterteilen zu kombinieren. Also habe ich mich ziemlich gefreut, dass ich ein weiteres Teil zu meiner weissen-Oberteil-Familie hinzufuegen konnte. Zuerst musste ich es aber natuerlich anfassen: Und wie toll es sich anfuehlt! Es ist aus einem recht dickem, festen Material, dass sich aber richtig samtig und weich anfuehlt. Ich weiss gar nicht, wie ich es beschreiben soll, denn Ahnung von Stoffen haben ich nicht sonderlich viel. Muss aber zugeben, dass es ziemlich warm in dem Oberteil wird, wenn es waermer als 25 Grad sind, denn es ist auf jeden Fall nicht so duenn wie die meisten Sommershirts. Nichtsdestotrotz ist es perfekt, wenn man sich locker anziehen, aber nicht langweilig aussehen moechte. Ich meine, sogar auf Fashion Events halte ichs lieber dezenter. Also war es das perfekte Outfit fuer den Cocktailabend bei Ping Pong, denn der Schnitt ist zwar simpel, dafuer machen das Material und die silbernen Punkte das Oberteil abendtauglich. Muss auf jeden Fall nochmal zu Wonderound gehen, habe mein Auge auf ein paar Shorts geworfen...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hyper Japan 2014

Running a so-called fashion blog, you might think my interest for fashion goes way back with teenage me making style collages and collection fashion mags. Though, that's pretty much the opposite of how I used to be. No, I saved up all my pocket money to buy the latest volumes of my favourite Manga, Japanese comic books, and buy art supply to draw fan art myself. I drew my favourite characters whenever I had the time (have a look at my abandoned old deviantart account here: blurryskies), listened to Japanese rock music and tried to make my lunch boxes as cute as Japanese bento boxes. It's quite intriguing how one thing led to another: first I was introduced to Manga and Anime and slowly I got more and more interested in the country where they came from. Even though, I'm not too much into Manga & Anime anymore, my fascination for Japan hasn't ceased the slightest bit. Now it's more about the food, the fashion and the traditional culture that fascinates me, but visiting Japan before I'll turn 30 is still on top of my to-do list.

So going to Hyper Japan was a great way to get a taste of Japan, before visiting one day. Of course, total nostalgia hit me when I saw all the cosplayers dressing up as their favourite characters, but what excited me the most was the wide mix of things you could explore atHyper Japan, because it's not just one thing that makes Japan so interesting: from modern and traditional fashion to the most popular dishes or J-Pop and J-Rock. So it was not surprising that there were a lot of families as well, pretty much every age group was present.

First destination: the food court (obviously!). I still remember my first encounter with Japanese food. I think I was around 12 or 13 years old and asked my dad to take me to a sushi place. I've seen it in manga and of course on TV, but trying out raw fish myself for the first time was quite a challenge in the beginning. The first bite that was filled with curiosity and anxiety, though, I quickly fell in love and it's still one of my favourites. After becoming more of a foodie, I started trying out other dishes as well, such as Ramen, Katsu Curry or Gyoza. At Hyper Japan you could try all these iconic dishes, but also snacks like Takoyaki (octopus dumpling) and Taiyaki (fish-shaped cake) that are difficult to find in Japanese restaurants here. Oh, and let's not forget all those delicious Japanese sweets: lots of Pocky in all different kinds of flavours and so many different kinds of Matcha sweets. It was so difficult just to buy one pack of Matcha Kit Kat! For the adults there was also the opportunity to try out different kinds of sake and even sake cocktails! Tried and liked! Or you could watch the food and drink demos by Taste Japan to learn some Japanese kitchen secrets.

So once my belly was filled with the first batch of yummy food (yes, I went back a couple of times to try more throughout the day), I had time to explore everything else at Hyper Japan. Even before entering, you already notice all the girls dressed in lolita clothing gathering at the entrance in their cute frilly dresses and there were a lot of stalls catering to that particular style: You could find fake lashes, pastel coloured wigs and lots and lots of cute accessories from bunny ears to XXL bow headbands at stalls from Pixiebunny, Cutesykink, Dreamy Bows or Pastel Doll to name a few. Of course, I also had to snap the cute fashion models that were invited, the adorable J-Pop duo Yanakiku and cosplayers Pixie Late and Alexa Poletti that looked amazing in their Frozen cosplays and kawaii dresses that they changed into later. Too bad, that there were hardly any labels you would find in my favourite magazine ViVi, but still it was so much fun looking around all the pastel coloured stalls.

Now let's talk about the Anime, Manga and Game section of Hyper Japan that filled 1/4th of the exhibition space and probably is one of the reasons that made Japan so popular worldwide. It's probably the place that attracted most of the visitors, especially the younger ones. I mean, that's how it got me hooked. Oh, I don't even know how many manga I collected in all those years, there's definitely more than 500 volumes stored away somewhere at my parents' place. There were tons of cosplayers (quite a few super adorable mini cosplayers, too!), a lot of merchandise to buy and you were even able to try out the latest games by Nintendo and Namco Bandai. I tested my skills at the new One Piece: Unlimited World Red and... to no one's suprise: failed miserably and simply pressed all the buttons simultaneously. Oh well, I knew that before, that's why I stuck with drawing manga instead of playing their games.

Last but not least, there were also several stalls about the more traditional part of Japan. I mean Japanese fashion, games and manga & anime are fun, but for me, someone who has been to many manga & anime events in the past, it's quite repetitive and the same at many other events as well. Plus, I'm not even up to date with the recent ones either, except for Attack on Titan. So it was quite refreshing to find so many stalls that were more focused on traditional Japan and explore its culture, such as the display of award-winning bonsai or even martial arts performances. You could also buy or rent a kimono for the day, which I thought was such a great idea and I saw several people beautifully dressed up throughout the day.
Though, the most exciting was probably the performance by Den Entertainment that showed a preview of their new show called "the Sake", "a performance which blends traditional Japanese arts such as Rakugo with dance, music, acrobatics and exceptional projection and sound technology" according to Hyper Japan. Just passed by the stage by chance and was so fascinated I took like a million of pictures.