Thursday, October 23, 2014

Standing in the Rain

Oversized Knit Dress Wonderound* | Handbag Warehouse* | Checked Scarf Monki
Boots Bronx via Bankfashion* | Fedora Floralpunk

First one drop, then another, before the sky slowly darkens and you wish you wore those jeans instead of this knit dress...

Creating lookbooks and thinking of new concepts is probably the most exciting thing about my Youtube Channel right now. Which is quite unexpected, because being a fake fashionista like me - struggling with putting piece A and B together, while pretending I do it with ease - I thought I would struggle to come up with "interesting" outfits (and Mike reminds me every time that I don't look stylish enough). Though, now that I'm actually forcing myself to come up with different outfits at once, the whole process becomes much more natural and especially personal: Instead of trying to impress and pretend to be a trendsetter, I'm only putting together outfits I feel comfortable in. Outfits that I would wear on a daily basis. Of course, it's not like I wouldn't wear the outfits from my outfit posts. I mean, I definitely did on that particular day. However, I would be lying if I said that the fact  I'm thinking "Today I will capture my outfit for the blog." doesn't affect my decisions at all. And then I end up with outfits that feel more forced than natural. So yes, this outfit consists only of a knit dress and a hat (because scarf and shoes are kind of necessary to not freeze to death), but it's probably one of my favourites. Borrowed this dress to shoot my Lookbook for Sunday. I just thought it was so gorgeous that I didn't want to cover it up with anything. Oh, how I wish I could have kept this little gem. At least Mike was able to get some nice shots! I hope you will enjoy them, too, so don't forget to stop by my Youtube Channel on Sunday!

photo taken by Quyen Mike (

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Morning Rituals

Late nights and early mornings. Count yourself lucky, if you wake up like a goddess, I certainly don't...

The alarm is ringing, I get out of bed and make myself a hot cup of tea. Looking like the love child between a sleepwalker and a zombie, my eyes slowly open while I'm taking a shower. It's not that I have a problem with early mornings, that's certainly not the case. Though, I have a problem with falling asleep early, getting inspired in the darkest hours of the night, so going to bed at 2-3am is definitely not helping my morning routine. Oh well, even if I don't wake up looking like the Asian version of Beyonce, we girls got our little tricks to make ourselves look bright and awake.
A little bit of foundation for all problem areas (you don't want to cover all your face in thick makeup for your everyday look). My favourite right now is definitely the Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Normal/Dry skin as it's long-lasting and blends in well. Then I get rid of all the ugly acne scars with my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (2nd repurchase!) and dark circles are gone after using Maybelline New York's Anti-Age The Eraser Eye. I know a lot of people have been raving about this, but I've never gotten around to try it myself. Though, now that I've finally bought one, I wish I had gotten it earlier. How incredibly moisturising it is! After making my skin look like it has no problems whatsoever, I draw my eyebrows in with the Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow pencil. Combined with benefit's Gimme brow, it's a necessary step to make myself look more like a human, because Mum and Dad forgot to give me visible eyebrows... (while Dad himself got some badass dragon eyebrows). To finish off the eyes, I get my Tony Moly gel eyeliner out (using my 2nd one already!). Then I get rid of my moon face look with my Sleek face contour kit to make it appear as if I had cheekbones. I like how you can slowly build up the colour and how it doesn't look like you have mud in your face. Lastly, it's time for a little colour: What a difference a little bit of blush and lipstick does to your complexion: easy transformation from zombie to human being! I like using a light cream blush like the Manhattan Liquid Blush in 02 Cheeky Charming, though my go to blush is Sleek's Suede. Rather than a bright pink blush, it looks really natural and gives off the impression of a no-make-up face. And for my lips I go for better-than-your-own-lips colours. I absolutely love the formula of Maybelline's Colorsensational lipsticks, though, unfortunately, they don't have my favourite colour anymore. Need to find an alternative!
Now you might think that my Fake-"I-Woke-Up-Like-This" make up sounds like such a hassle. So many different products and steps. But honestly? You can do this in less than 10mins. A brush stroke here, a brush stroke there and you are done. How does your morning routine look like?

Der Wecker klingelt, ich steige aus dem Bette und mache mir eine heisse Tasse Tee. Sehe aus wie ein Zombie und wache langsam auf, während ich Dusche. Es ist nicht so, als hätte ich Probleme damit früh aufzustehen. Ich habe eher Probleme damit früh ins Bett zu gehen! Und wenn man zwischen 2 und 3 ins Bett geht, da ist es natürlich schwierig dann um 7 aufzustehen. Naja, auch wenn ich morgens vielleicht nicht so aussehe, als sei ich die asiatische Version von Beyonce, es gibt da schon einige Tricks, wie man sofort wach und ausgeschlafen aussehen kann.

Ein wenig Foundation für die Problemzonen (da man ja sein Gesicht nicht jeden Tag zukleistern will). Favorit zurzeit ist ganz klar die Revlon ColorStay Foundation für normale und trockene HautHält lang und verblendet super! Dann noch Aknenarben mit dem Collection Lasting Perfection concealer überdenken und die Augenringe mit dem Maybelline "Der Löscher" wortörtlich löschen. Kaum zu glauben, dass ich ihn erst vor Kurzem für mich entdeckt habe. Wie feuchtigkeitsspendend er doch ist! Dann gehts weiter mit den Augenbrauen: Da Mutti und Vita mir leider keine vererbt haben, heisst es Shu Uemura Brauenpinsel und benefits Gimme brow rausholen. Mit dem Tony Moly gel eyeliner werden dann noch die Augen akzentuiert. Danach fake ich Wannenknochen mit dem Sleek Face Contour Kit. Was ich daran mag: Mega leicht die Farbe langsam aufzubauen und vor allem sieht es nicht aus, als hätte man Dreck im Gesicht. Zum Schluss kommt noch etwas Farbe auf Wangen und Lippen. Es ist erstaunlich, was für einen Unterschied diese beiden Schritte machen. Für die Wangen benutze ich am liebsten den Liquid Blush in Cheeky Charming von Manhattan oder den Sleek Blush in Suede, einfach weil beide super natürlich aussehen. Auf den Lippen mag ich am liebsten die Formel der Maybelinne Colorsensationals, doch leider haben sie meine Lieblingsfarbe nicht mehr. Muss mich nach einer Alternative umgucken.
Ansonsten war es das dann mit dem Make Up. Auch wenn ihr jetzt denkt: "Hey, das hört sich nach einer Menge Arbeit und Produkten an" Glaubt mir, all dies dauert höchstens 10 Minuten. Wie sieht eure Morgenroutine aus?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bibimbap from the Guy Next Door

Probably the most casual place to have a sizzling hot bowl of Bibimbap and definitely the only place you can get a hair cut afterwards...

If I could, I'd spend every day tracking down the best restaurants in London. Then again, who wouldn't? But girl has to make money to pay for all the food, so she has to go to work. No need to fret, though, since you still have weekends for treating yourself. Unless you are lucky and have some great lunch places around your workplace. That'd be a different story. If I was working around Bethnal Green I'd probably grab lunch at Hurwundeki now and then. It's a cafe/Korean restaurant/hair dresser, all in one! Quite the unusual mix in an unusual location, because Bethnal Green is definitely not the first place you'd think of, when you are looking for a fun food spot. It's more like the underdog sibling to super hip Shoreditch. Personally I quite liked the fact that it's a little further away from all the cool spots, since it still feels a little this secret place only you know about. I mean, that East London interior (which means random recycled stuff put together) is pretty unusual for a Korean restaurant. Yet, it perfectly matches the guys behind Hurwundeki and their customers: Young and ready to explore. The Hurwundeki guys did a solid job with their food: The bibimbap was spot on, though, I was a little disappointed that you had to pay extra to have it in a stone pot. Unfortunately the Pa Joen (Korean seafood pancake) was a little bland, so we had to dip it quite a bit in soy sauce. Yet, the funky interior, the decent prices and the fact it's BYOB says: "Next time you are in Bethnal Green, check out this place!" I mean, let's be honest: Most of us aren't food critics, so it's about food AND the atmosphere.

Hurwundeki Cafe
298-299 Cambridge Heath Rd
London E2 9HA

Wenn ich könnte, wuerde ich jeden Tag damit verbringen die besten Restaurants in London zu erkunden. Andererseits, wer wuerde das nicht? Aber man muss natürlich erst einmal Geld verdienen, um das ganze Essen zu bezahlen, also heisst es: arbeiten gehen. Wenigstens bleiben einem die Wochenende, um sich etwas Gutes zu tun. Ausser man hat das Glück und arbeitet direkt neben tollen Restaurants, das wäre natürlich ideal, wobei weniger für Geldbeutel und Six Packs. Wenn ich in Bethnal Green arbeiten wuerde, wuerde ich die ein oder andere Mittagspause sicherlich bei Hurwundeki verbringen. Es ist ein Cafe/koreanisches Restaurant/Friseur, alles in einem! Ziemliche Mischung in einer ziemlich ungewohnten Umgebung. Ich meine, Bethnal Green ist nicht sonderlich bekannt dafür tolle Restaurants zu haben oder habe ich da etwas nicht mitgekriegt? Aber wenn es euch mal doch in diese Ecke London's verschlägt, kann ich euch Hurwundeki wärmstens empfehlen. Einfach, weil es in der Gegend nichts dergleichen gibt, weil das Essen gar nicht mal so schlecht ist (Bibimbap top, auch wenn man extra für die Steinschüssel zahlen muss und deren Pancakes etwas mehr Wuerzung vertragen könnten) und man seine Getränke selbst mitbringen kann. Seien wir ehrlich: die meisten von uns sind keine Essenskritiker und da macht die Atmosphäre auch so einiges aus.