Friday, April 18, 2014

A Campaign Against Online Hate

I used to be a really sensitive person. Just a little criticism and the blood in my veins would start rushing through my body. My heart would beat faster than usual and my mind would go blank out of nervousness. No one likes criticism, but I started to accept the fact that not all criticism is bad, I mean, how can you improve if no one pointed out your mistakes? Besides, people have different personalities and experiences, so we are bound to have different opinions, too.
However, what's the point of such a mind set, when some people ask you to "Get a nose job" and to "stop acting like a good person" and you can't even confront them about it? What I'm talking about are things I got told by anonymous on my blog. Who anonymous is? I don't know. I will probably never know. When you hear those things, it's hurtful, it's frustrating, but there's nothing you can do about it, since anonymous is safely hidden by the internet.
Still, why would I let myself be put down by someone, who would probably never have the guts to tell me these things personally? Tell me in person, anonymous, and I might consider being hurt. Though, you have to know that the me today is totally content with the fact that I'm no model, nor saint. Of course, it's quite easy for me to say, since I'm lucky enough to have wonderful readers, so I can count the number of anonymous comments on two hands, but unfortunately I know too many people, bloggers or not, that have to deal with such hurtful comments on a daily basis.

Thus, by joining the Glamour Magazine Campaign, I want to make a statement and support their attempt to change something about cyber-mobbing and online hate. You can also make a positive statement with the hashtag #SMILESTORM. Did you experience something similar? How did you overcome it? Simply take a selfie or tweet and get your voice out against anonymous. And even if it will not stop online hate completely and only change the way we personally deal with such comments, no change is insignificant.

Frueher wurde ich schon bei der kleinsten Kritik nervoes. Natuerlich mag keiner Kritik, aber ich fing an die Tatsache zu akzeptieren, dass nicht jede Form von Kritik schlecht ist, ich meine, wie soll man sich verbessern, wenn einem niemand sagt, was man falsch macht? Ausserdem sind unsere Persoenlichkeiten und Erfahrungen so unterschiedlich, dass es ganz normal ist, verschiedene Meinungen zu haben. Aber man fragt sich, was einem eine solche Einstellung bringt, wenn einem gesagt wird "Mach eine Nasen-OP" oder "Hoer auf einen auf gute Person zu machen" und man die Person nicht einmal damit konfrontieren kann? Ich spreche ueber Dinge, die mir anonym auf meinen Blog geschrieben hat. Wer anonym ist? Ich weiss es nicht. Ich werde es sicher nie erfahren. Es tut weh, es ist frustrierend, wenn man so etwas gesagt kriegt und man nichts dagegen tun kann, denn die Person versteckt sich hinter der Anonymitaet des Internets. Aber andererseits, warum sollte ich mich von einer Person verletzen lassen, die sich sicherlich nicht trauen wuerde, mir diese Dinge ins Gesicht zu sagen? Sag es mir persoenlich und vielleicht lass ich mich davon verletzen, aber weiss auch, dass mein jetziges Ich damit okay ist, dass ich weder ein Model noch Mutter Theresa bin. Natuerlich ist es fuer mich leicht, so etwas zu sagen, da ich tolle Leser habe und ich solche Kommentare an beiden Haenden abzaehlen kann. Leider kenne ich aber viele Leute, Blogger und Nicht-Blogger, die mit so etwas taeglich umgehen muessen. Deswegen moechte ich bei der Glamour Aktion gegen Online Mobbing mitmachen. Ihr koennt auch mitmachen und unter dem Hashtag #SMILESTORM ein Statement gegen Online Hass machen. Auch wenn es sicherlich nicht komplett beseitigt werden kann und das einzige, was sich aendert vielleicht ist, wie wir persoenlich solche Kommentare aufnehmen, aber jede Veraenderung ist wichtig.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Secret of Avène Eau Thermale

It's the kind of time, where I take on every single excuse to leave the house and even if it's just the weekly shop in Lidl. So when I was invited to discover Avène Eau Thermale's secret over breakfast, I had the perfect excuse to make my way into Central London. I know I have been raving about Avène, but to be honest, I don't actually understand why it has been working so well on me, I mean, if there's something I have no clue about it's probably skincare. But you have to start somewhere, right?
So while I was nibbling on delicious mini Eggs Benedict on the rooftop of Soho House (Can I please live here? Flowers included!), I got introduced to Avène's new XeraCalm A.D range aimed at those with eczema. I'm actually not suffering for eczema, but as it comes in such a huge tube I use the cream as a body lotion and especially my feet have been loving it. So people with different skin types can enjoy the benefits of their products.
The reason why this range is so good for people suffering from eczema has something to do with the secret behind Avène's soothing and anti-irritiating effects on the skin: Loved by French royalty centuries ago, the founder of Avène found a spring that had special healing effects and only now, after long research, it was discovered that these properties come from a unique microflora: aqua. dolomiae. Which was then further developed to produce the biotechnological active ingredient I-modulia®. To sum it up for us non-Scientist (and Chemistry was definitely not my favourite subject either), this basically means that the Avène products are based on that natural spring with its unique components and thanks to that they are especially good for sensitive skin. Besides, we all know, natural is the best! So while my Mum is not particularly fond of my recent skincare product obsession and still sticks to her egg white masks and rice water toner, I think this is something even she would approve of.

You can buy Avène at Boots stores (UK) or in pharmacies (Germany and France). 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Reflection of Myself

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Wake up at 10am, have a nap at 5pm and then go to bed at 5am. Doesn't sound like a normal sleeping pattern, does it? Especially not when you follow those study guides that tell you to sleep early and get up early for a fresh start. Yeah... doesn't work like that for me. I tried, but failed miserably and would spend the morning hours just sitting at my table without getting anything done. Sometimes, you just have to listen to your body, instead of just doing what others tell you to do. If we'd get more philosophical we could even say, hey, apply it to life! Don't just conform to what society tells you. But my brain is too full of equations and formulas to think about the meaning of life right now, I'm afraid. Staying at home 24/7 doesn't help much either. I feel like my English speaking ability is slowly deteriorating and my skin is definitely sun deprived, so I have to make the most of my gym sessions or weekly grocery shopping. Those are the times, I'm able to get some fresh air and enjoy the sun that's slowly coming out. I feel like this blog is turning into my outlet for depressed study thoughts, but you know, I realise this is something I've already overcome the last few years, so now I just have to give it my all for the last undergraduate exams and then I'll be free!